bumper sticker More Fun Less Stuff

Help spread the meme

There are many ways that you can help spread this meme.

Mention it to people.

Any time is good.

Particularly when people feel frustrated about climate and other issues. The shift to a life-based culture is a part of the solution. Mention “More Fun, Less Stuff” when such topics come up. It provides a way that anyone can contribute right away and it is personally up-lifting. It doesn’t take many repetitions before more fun, less stuff becomes a part of a person’s thinking and starts to replay in their minds and conversations when relevant circumstances emerge.


There are a number of "More Fun, Less Stuff" handouts that can be downloaded and printed on 8.5" X 11" paper. Cut them apart and take some with you. There are people everywhere who are interested in shifting the system away from Growth and toward Sustainability.

They can be left on tables and counters where the next peole to come along will see them. Post them on bulliten boards at libraries and shopping places. Wherever they can be seen, the meme is received. A few exposures and the meme becomes lodged in mind.

Bumper Stickers

The “More Fun, Less Stuff” peel off sticker pictured above is a convenient way to display the meme. We’d be happy to mail one or more for free, if you have good places to display them. Your help getting this meme out to where people can see it is the point of this project. Ask here for stickers.

We’d also be happy if you were to cover the five dollar cost of a sticker, envelope and postage. How to contribute.

Car bumpers are seen in many places and there are other places where stickers can be displayed (assuming such placement isn’t going to annoy anyone.)

Distribute to your Social Media networks and Contact List.

Just seeing the phrase is often enough for it to become familiar. Make up a short introduction and send “More Fun, Less Stuff” to the people you know and/or send them this explanation.

Introduce the meme to organizations you are in.

Organizations have networks. If “More Fun, Less Stuff” can be shared with such networks, a lot of people will come to know the phrase. It isn’t intended to replace any existing projects, but it can complement such work.

“More Fun, Less Stuff” adds an attractive dimension to environmental and justice work in place of the often discouraging prospects of cutting back.

This resolution can help bring the meme and how it works to the attention of your group. It can be used simply as a way of introducing the program, or it could go through the organization's process to gain a layer of legitimacy to help it spread further.

Post a “More Fun, Less Stuff” sign.

There are lots of places where people pass by and would see a sign. No personal encounter required. Just make a sign with the words “More Fun, Less Stuff” on it and put it where it will be seen.

If you come up with an original design, please share it with us. We are looking for other graphics that we can make available.


Beyond basic costs, donations are much appreciated as they help us continue to send out free stickers and to maintain the office equipment and other expenses of this 7th Generation Initiative. Donations can be made by Interac to: MoreFunLessStuff@web.net
are deposited directly into our Sustainability Project-7 Generations Initiative account. In Canada, for donations of $50 or more, we can provide tax creditable receipts. Make cheques out to “7th Generation Initiative WFF” and send to our contact address.

Hiring for Social Media.

It is our dream to gather enough donations to hire a Social Media savvy person to focus on spreading the “More Fun, Less Stuff” meme through those networks. Donations toward this end would be much appreciated.

Write about it.

- Letters to local papers and News Letters.

- Elected representatives.

Polititions are almost all caught up in the GDP, economic growth story. How they figure that human activity can grow forever is a wonder of narrative control. Part of their inability to think beyond GDP is that they don’t know we have a choice. Let them know that they can serve their people better if we build an economy that aims directly for human and environmental well-being. Thinking that producing ever more stuff will solve the problems which “ever more stuff” is causing is crazy. (Doing the same thing again and again expecting different results is one definition of insanity.)

How Memes Spread.

Sue Blackmore, from the University of West England studies memes. She says:
“Memes are ideas, habits, skills, gestures stories, songs, anything we pass from person to person by imitation, we copy them. Just as genes are copied inside all the cells of our bodies and passed on in reproduction, memes are copied by our brains and our behaviour and are passed from person to person. . . . Just as the competition between genes shapes all of biological evolution, so it is the competition between memes that shape our minds and our cultures. So it is absolutely essential to understanding human nature that we take account of memes."

It follows that if we can share the meme "More Fun, Less Stuff" into the popular mind, it will help human culture evolve away from our materialistic expansion mode and toward a world where humans can celebrate living while integrating within the cycles of nature.

Other Reading.

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