Shifting Society's Goals

Welcome! Here we offer

Three new on-line resources:

A free eleven part Mini-Course on Shifting Society's Goals.

Occasional Updates on the work of this Sustainability Project/7th Generation Initiative. No more than one a month.

We hope that from this foundation to stimulate an exchange of ideas and experiences that participants are having with any approaches to redirecting society toward a sustainable future. What is obvious to one person may be a real eye opener to another. Together we might yet shift the direction in which our species is heading.

The Mini-Course is about:

- sustainability,
- economics for the coming era,
- social change, and
- the challenge of shifting society's goals.

This mini-course consists of 11 short article or videos. Originally, these were delivered one a week via a NetService that has ended up costing more than was practical. You can now find the 11+ items by clicking here. We hope that you have the opportunity to give each item some time to sink in before moving onto the next.

If you find the material presented in the Mini-Course of interest, we'd welcome your thoughts and experience around the task of redirecting the efforts of our society away from perpetual expansion and toward sustainability.

We hope to engage your thoughts, imagination and creativity, along with that of others, for the task of evolving our societies' understanding about stabilizing human activities within planetary limits. When that goal is recognized, viable policies and actions will follow.

While our prospects sometimes look bleak, humankind will change to accommodate planetary limits. What we don't know is how much confrontation with those limits it will take before we come to respect them. It is entirely possible to manage our world in ways that offer humans a long and satisfying future.

Sustainability Project/7th Generation Initiative