Ways You Can Help the Sustainability Project and its 7th Generation Initiative.

A direct way to help is to distribute sustainability cards.

Or to share the "More Fun, Less Stuff" meme in conversation, in writing or by posting a bumper sticker on your car, or some other publically visible place. Some participants have made posters for public events and places.

Other ways to help:
Order Life, Money and Illusion.
Make a Donation.

Covering costs is always a challenge for a non-commercial venture. Over the years many people have donated to the Sustainability Project making it possible to produce the many educational materials available and to provide them for little or no cost.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to the financial needs of the organization. If you have any questions contact coordinator, Mike Nickerson at: sustain5(at)web.ca

A) A Charitable donation can be made to the educational work of the Sustainability Project by sending a cheque made out to the "WFF - Sustainability Project" to the address below. (We can also accept donations by credit card, etransfer to: < morefunlessstuff@web.net >, or by phone
(613) 482-1208.
For amounts of $50 or more, the World Federalist Foundation will provide you with a Canadian charitable receipt for income tax purposes.

B) Regular monthly donation. If you like the work we are doing, regular monthly donations make long-term planning possible. Details at the bottom of this page.

C) Order a copy of "Life, Money & Illusion":
"Life, Money & Illusion" is available for $20.00 plus postage and handling. Postage varries by reagion and the changing prices at Post Canada. To get a copy, ask us at sustain5@web.ca

Life, Money and Ilusion is available as an e-book from New Society Publishers.

The Sustainability Project also accepts cash, cheques and most credit cards. Send your order to the address below, or give us your credit card information by phone at: (613) 482-1208. Please leave a message, if you don't catch us in, we will return your call.

E) Direct Donation:
The simplest way to donate is with an e-transfer to morefunlessstuff@web.net.

You can also make a cheque out directly to the Sustainability Project and mail it to:

Sustainability Project

2799 McDonald's Corners Rd.
RR #3, Lanark,Ontario,
Canada, K0G 1K0

Sustaining, Monthly Donation:
Change takes time. By arranging to have an amount transferred directly from your account to the Sustainability Project, you can provide us with part of a core budget. Knowing that money will be available regularly enables us to plan for the long-term

Send a blank cheque marked "VOID" and a note indicating:
- the amount you would like to provide each month,
- whether you want the withdrawal to take place on the 1st or the 15th of each month,
- your address, for sending your receipt, and
- your signature to confirm your request to the bank.
- The World Federalist Foundation will send you a Canadian charitable receipt at the end of the year.