A Mechanism for Change

Key to how societies evolve is legitimacy - what it means to be a good human. Leading a good life is important to most people. As a result, thousands of millions of actions are regularly taken informed by the established legitimacy. These actions taken together are sufficient in scale to address today's complex of serious problems, if we can shift the basic legitimacy.

The change that we have to accomplish and how this one mechanism can help bring it about are outlined in this short audio track.

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The foundation for this new legitimacy will emerge as the conversation spreads through our networks of family, friends and associates.

What are we trying to accomplish as a society? Is it really our collective will to grow until we drop? Or do we seek to secure, satisfying lives for our children's children and the families they will want to raise?

This is the Question of Direction.

When this question is resolved, the conventional wisdom about what it means to be a good human being will shift. As individuals, our purpose will no longer be "to earn and spend as much money as possible." To be good, we will aim "to have as little impact on the Earth as we can, to get as much satisfaction from living as possible and to manage the natural world in a way that will assure the well-being of the children and grandchildren."