Solutions are more compelling than problems.

Resource extraction, waste and conflict around who gets which, threaten well-being.

What we do with our lives can secure the future.

This proposal originates on the other side of the transformation. It shines light on a source for long-term wellbeing.

More Fun, Less Stuff 

This four syllable meme brings the new world into focus.

The most potent thing that you can do in the face of today’s multiple challenges is to enjoy your self. When we seek our personal fulfillment in the things we can do with our lives, we consume less energy and waste fewer natural resources.

Food and shelter are material necessities. Quality food can be provided indefinitely through a mindful cycling of nutrient elements through local soils. Shelter can be constructed so that heating and cooling are maintained mostly by integrating good south windows, insulation, summer shade, thermal mass and cool from underground.

Once we have food and shelter, what we choose to do with our lives make all the difference.

When people consume material objects and the energy that makes and runs them, we stress the planet. On the other hand, there are endless opportunities for personal fulfillment through Learning, Love and Laughter, appreciation, helping others, sport, music, dance and the like. Such life-based activities produce more lasting satisfaction than material consumption.

More Fun, Less Stuff is a drum beat for transformation toward a sustainable culture. “Fun”, represents in a single syllable, all the satisfaction that we can get from living.
It is possible to live well on a small fraction of the energy and other natural resources that are currently thought to be normal.

We don’t have to grow until we drop !

“More Fun, Less Stuff” implies the basic cultural shift. It is not about giving things up, it is about reclaiming what we lost to become consumers. It is about celebrating the richness of living. Our lives can be so fulfilling that we won’t have time to consume or to pollute on a dangerous scale.


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