A Meme With Potential

Fairytales about growth everlasting are spread steadily by governments and media. Yet our planet is already stressed. Even its most clever species is at risk.

We could be heading toward an order that respects the needs of all people and the Earth. The knowledge exists to do so and most people would choose that direction if given a chance.

What is stopping us ?

How might we slip the new vision through the barrier that guards the conventional wisdom?

More Fun, Less Stuff.

These four syllables can provide good-natured access to the better vision for our world.

What does a viable world look like?
Our enormous technical skills could be applied to making necessary items durable and easily repaired. Our powerful communication abilities could re-inspire appreciation for durable and familiar products. It could also illuminate the unlimited, and enduring satisfaction offered by living life well.

Once material sufficiency is met by ecologically sensitive systems and durable products, there are unlimited opportunities to be gathered from learning, love and laughter, creativity, sport, music, dance, appreciation and other life-based activities.

We humans can be leading fulfilling lives without stressing the Earth or requiring dangerous technologies.

We don’t have to grow until we drop !

“More Fun, Less Stuff” implies the basic cultural shift. People will sense that it isn’t about giving things up, it is about celebrating the richness of living. Our lives can be so fulfilling that we won’t have time to consume or to pollute on a dangerous scale.

When the big challenges of our day come up at a meeting or in conversation, why not try interjecting the phrase, “More fun, less stuff.” The message is clear, unifying and memorable.

A positive human future is within reach.

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