Measuring Well-Being

You can help establish a Genuine Progress Index (GPI)

- Learn about what a GPI is.
- Encourage your elected representative to support a motion to establish a GPI.
- Help your community understand why we need a GPI.
- Get in touch with us.

- Learn about what a GPI is.

Numerous stories and articles were collected during the previous effort.

The analogies at the bottom of this page of Key Points help clarify how a GPI works.

A basic explanation of how and what a GPI might measure.

Much more information can be found by doing an Internet search for "Genuine Progress Index" or "Genuine Progress Indicator." (We prefer an "Index" to an "Indicator." There is more information available in an index, as it has a variety of measures to look at, while an Indicator aggregates numerous measures into a single number.)

If you would like to advance a GPI, there are various groups working to help introduce them. Let us know and perhaps we can put you in touch.