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Discussions by Zoom now possible.

A recent presentation by Mike Nickerson outlining biological and economic possibilities for a sustainable future.

The Global Monopoly Game is over.

While the rules say there is no winner until one player owns everything, we have to change the game.

Getting From Here to There

A meme to remember when the challenges of climate and inequality get you down: MORE FUN, LESS STUFF.
On a good day one can sense, through the fog of our world’s problems, a faint light.  A glimmer of a place where humans live in balance with the Earth and with each other.
Viewed from the challenges of today, that place seems to be another dimension.  And it is.  The values by which people manage themselves are dimensions of worlds we might build, and this alternate dimension can be entered through More Fun, Less Stuff.

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Solutions are more compelling than problems.

Resource extraction, waste and conflict around who gets which, threaten well-being.

What we do with our lives can secure the future.

This proposal originates on the other side of transformation. It shines light on a source for long-term wellbeing.

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Shifting Society's Goals

A Future that Works

How do we get a civilization that has been growing for 10,000 years to realize it is grown up now?  Getting bigger is no longer what we need to do. [Read more.]

NEW: Planet of the Humans - Stimulus for Change

NEW: The Rise and (eventual) Fall of Capital

NEW: Radical Abundance Can Save Us

One Thing Changes All Else

From ancient times, right up to living memory, humans have been a small, insignificant presence on the Earth. Not so any more. Today, civilization's impacts are felt practically everywhere. This change affects everything – in our human experience the Earth has gone from offering endless new frontiers to where our activity is able to overwhelm it. It is critical that we . . . [Read more.]

Three Potent Steps to a Sane Economy is a key part of our free, eleven part mini-course on Shifting Society's Goals. You can help bring this shift about. We hope you will join us in one or more of our programs.

Where Will the Grandchildren Live: an Alternative View of Retirement

We can do better than turn the natural world into waste and concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer hands.

Where possibilities are abundant.

From the not too distant past:

New: Doing Better – A Foundation for Renewal

New: More Fun, Less Stuff

New: Scarcity and Abundance

Life After Growth

Worthy of Our Better Selves

Greece's place in the Global Monopoly Game

Near-Term Extinction - Not going to happen: A Challenge, Not a Curse

Local Food Security

Let's Talk Resilience



Needed: A New Economic Game: Published in Ottawa's Peace and Environment News.
Where this all started: The Institute for the Study of Cultural Evolution.
When Things Seem Overwhelming: It's Never Too Late

A Most Potent Action for Securing the Future

Key Messages for young adults.

The Emperor Has No Clothes; How the tide turns
Change Begins With a Conversation
Shifting Legitimacy

The Biggest News on Earth

The biggest news on Planet Earth today is that the human species fills its habitat.

There are no longer vast new frontiers to move to when resources are scarce or we need more room for our waste.

This new situation requires a new goal.

Our purpose is to help shift society's goals.
We invite your participation.

Decisions need now to be based first on whether or not they contribute to long-term well-being. The old criteria of "is the decision profitable" is still important, but it has to move into second place. It is okay for something to be profitable, but not if it forecloses the future.

This site aims to help place the question, about what society's primary goal should be, on the public agenda. Shifting Society's Goals aims to answer the Question of Direction. Are we committed to growing until we drop, or do we accept responsibility for our collective impacts and resolve to build our world to fit within planetary limits?

We'd like to keep you posted on efforts to get our societies to move clearly in the direction of long-term well-being.

This Key Mechanism is central to change.

We hope you will join us in this critical task of re-creating society's goals.