Things you can do

At the Government Level

Write, email or call your MP. (For MP's contact information, call 1 (800) 622-6232
Let him/her know that you support:
  • The Well-Being Measurement Act
    The WBMA measures environmental and social factors in addition to economic ones, ie: unpaid work; extracted resources, both renewable and non renewable; food quality; community stability; income distribution; education; pollution levels; quality of employment; amounts of exercise & stress; participation in decision making; levels of violence and more;
    More on instituting a WBMA here.
  • The enactment of laws/subsidies that encourage sustainable activities and discourage non-sustainable activities;
  • The formulation of a more equitable tax system, which draws revenue from pollution, natural resource use and speculation, while lowering or removing taxation from local businesses and low income jobs;
  • Full cost accounting; Extended producer responsibility; Proportional Representation; Reigning in usury and, ultimately, adopting a monetary system that is not based on debt and the consequent need for perpetual growth.

    All thses possibilities are explained in "Life, Money & Illusion; Living on Earth as if we want to stay."