Planning an Event

Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay talk and discussion.  

Mike Nickerson is often available to speak with groups and, if time allows, facilitate discussion about transforming our communities to meet the challenge of our times.

These events are well received as these comments show.

If you are thinking about hosting an event, the following may be helpful:

20 minute version Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay

Written Transcript of a full presentation.

Speaking with Students.

Discussion, following this outline, encourages involvement.

A review of one such discussion.

Materials of possible use
if you are organizing an event.

Colour Poster that can be customised to promote your event.

Bio for Mike Nickerson

to help introduce the topic through local media.

Change Begins With a Conversation
Three Potent Steps to a Sane Economy
Transformation Toward Sustainability

Promoting your event.

New announcement for fall 2010 - 2011

Announcement from local food security perspective
Other short announcements

Pitching the tour to the local media.

Pitch on economic downturn issue
Out of the box approach
Pitch on Climate issue
Pitch around food security and local production
After the event Press Release: A template that can be adapted to announce that an event has taken place.