"More Fun, Less Stuff" Handouts

A world at peace and in balance with the environment is hard for our minds to grasp, but it is not beyond the capacity of our hearts to experience and to hunger for.

More fun, less stuff is a memorable phrase that contains the essence of this heart desire. It is easy to see how it includes gaining personal satisfaction from living. A little deeper and one can see how a healthy environment and fair relations between people and between countries would make life even more fun.

The graphics below are designed to enable easy sharing of the more fun, less stuff meme and to relate it to the question: Do we want our collective labour (the economy) to aim for perpetual expansion, or for the long-term well-being of people and Earth?

The more something is recognized, the easier it is for others to recognize it. See what you can do to familiarize people with the more fun, less stuff meme.

Pick your favorite graphic below, print it two sided, and it will be easy for you to share the question we need to answer along with the simple meme that can help us recognize how widespread interest is in this system change. (Note: With some printers, it may be necessary to turn one of the sides upside down.)