Things you can do

At the Community Level

  • Support and invest in local initiatives/ enterprises; buy locally - ie. a 100-mile diet supports local farmers and producers; when buying from a distance, support fair trade initiatives; start a community garden; The more we do such things, the more adequate local provision will be when transportation costs become unaffordable.
  • Invest in conservation, renewable energy, and in sustainable infrastructure - soil fertility; forest management; community cohesion, (festivals, craft and information fairs, block parent programs, community radio, theatre, etc.)
  • Participate in your local community or intentionally bring people together to form community.
  • Make your opinions known: Write letters to the editor of your local paper; expand your personal communication comfort zone to let others know that you see perpetual economic expansion as a recipe for calamity. Letting people know that you question the current direction gives them permission to question it as well, thus building support. (Ask us for free Question of Direction cards, to make this process easy.)
  • Support people and organizations that are leading the way; begin discussion groups in your home, church, school or community centre and invite speakers; donate your time, your energy and/or your money to the effort.
  • Develop/participate in a community currency or trading system and encourage others to do so.