Eco-Village Proposal

One need look no further than odd weather, fuel costs and economic instability to realize that these are extraordinary times.  Indeed, there has been a fundamental change in the relationship between people and the Earth.  The change requires a new approach to how we manage ourselves (1).  This proposal seeks permission to pioneer one such approach.

We want to build a "domestic ecosystem" (2) that can support several families without depending on large amounts of carbon fuels, while minimizing waste and providing for as many local needs through local employment as possible.  In addition to energy-efficient buildings, the project would provide local food security and retirement opportunities that do not require perpetually expanding financial markets.  We aim to demonstrate such a domestic ecosystem around an educational facility for sharing the knowledge, skills and techniques involved, so that others can apply them to building local security for themselves.

This project would include multiple dwellings for staff and their families, intern accommodation and dormitory space for students attending specific courses.  A central kitchen and washing facilities would be available for students and interns.  The kitchen would also be suitable for processing locally-grown crops for winter storage and into value-added products for trade. Additional work space would enable other small-scale productive enterprises.


Solutions proposed